Antilock Brake System – ABS

Antilock Brake System – ABS

The objective of the ABS is to keep the car under control even during abrupt braking. The car with its wheels locked is uncontrollable, be it on slippery surface or dry tarmac. The ŠKODA ABS keeps the wheels rolling by reducing the braking force on individual wheels. This enables the driver to avoid the obstacle.

The ABS consists of three main parts:

- Electronic control unit
- Wheel speed sensors
- Hydraulics

Electronic control unit continuously compares data from the speed sensors on individual wheels. If abrupt deceleration of any wheel is detected, the hydraulics receive a command to release the brake pressure, so the wheel resumes rolling.

The signal from wheel speed sensor changes again and the ECU recognizes that the wheel is unblocked again. It is therefore able to transfer the brake force again and the sensor gives command to apply the brake pressure. Up to 16 such cycles can occur each second.

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