GSM phone preparation

GSM phone preparation

GSM phone preparation may be connected to the cell phone either by Bluetooth wireless connection, or by putting the phone in the adapter. The preparation allows to use phone comfortably and safely while driving.

Lists of received and missed calls or of the dialled numbers can be shown on Maxi DOT display, or on the audio system touchscreen. Contacts and phone numbers can be selected from the internal list, to which they are saved automatically from the phone and refreshed on each connection with the vehicle.

The Bluetooth unit enables audiostreaming through A2DP profile and is able to hold two wireless connections at once. One is used for telephone and the other for playing music from the external Bluetooth device.

The whole system can be controlled by voice, Maxi DOT controls on the right stalk under the steering wheel, buttons on multifunctional steering wheel or by audio system touchscreen.

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