ŠKODA Fabia Engines

ŠKODA Fabia Engines

Fabia petrol engine offers:


three-cylinder aggregates with high torque even in low rev - 1,2 MPI/44 kW and 51 kW engines; 51 kW engines are available with the Green tec packet for an even more economical operation and lower CO2 emissions,


reliable four-cylinder 1,4 MPI/63 kW and 1,6 MPI/77 kW,


modern four-cylinder 1,2 TSI/63 kW or 77 kW engines with excellent flexibility and performance, both engines are available also in the Green tec version.

Diesel engines offer:


- three-cylinder 1,2 TDI CR DPF/55 kW engine with unique economical operation and low CO2 emissions, offered also in the Green Line version, which is exceptionally respectful towards the environment,


- four-cylinder 1,6 TDI CR DPF/55 kW, 66 kW or 77 kW engines, which are well know for its cultivated silent operations and low fuel consumption; 66kW engine is available with the Green tec version.


All engines, with the exception of 1,4 TSI/132 kW for the RS models, are delivered with a mechanic 5-speed transmission. The offer also includes a 6-speed automatic transmission for 1,6 MPI/77kW engine and an automatic 7-speed DSG transmission which is solely intended for the 1,2 TSI/77 kW engine and the RS models.​