Start-Stop system

Start-Stop system

When the vehicle is stationary, the engine runs uselessly, while still consuming fuel and emitting pollutants. That’s why the Start-Stop system automatically switches the engine off after stopping the vehicle, reducing the fuel consumption of the engine.

The system does not require any input from the driver and allows immediate acceleration, thus retaining the driving comfort. The Start-Stop system is activated automatically after starting the engine.

If driver stops the vehicle after certain period of driving, shifts into neutral, releases the clutch pedal (and other conditions are met), the engine switches off automatically. As soon as the driver presses the clutch to shift into a gear, the engine starts immediately. This allows the car to accelerate as readily as if the engine was running on idle for the whole time.

The Start-Stop system can be manually switched off at any time. The display in the instrument cluster shows its current state.

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